Dupuytrens is a scar-forming disease of the hand, a type of fibromatosis. It can vary between a very limited and slow-growing process to a very aggressive or fast-growing process. Usually it is slow and nodules form in the palm first, followed by bands into the fingers, pulling the fingers down over the years.

There are three main treatments for this problem:

  1. The band can be released by needle puncture, called needle fasciotomy or needle aponeurotomy.
  2. The band can be released by Xiaflex injection. This is an enzyme rupture of the band.
  3. The band can be excised and removed by surgical excision.

I am able to do any of the three of these for you and would be happy to discuss these options further with you in the office. Please call my office for an appointment at (808) 495-5230.