Carpal tunnel syndrome

If you have numbness and tingling in your hands, you may have carpal tunnel syndrome. You may also have pain in your wrist and hand, and this may wake you up at night. If the symptoms are infrequent, it is fairly early in the progression of this problem. In time, the numbness, tingling and pain may become continuous, and your hands may get weak.

This is a very common problem with many possible causes, but the problem is that the median nerve in the wrist is being compressed. The diagnosis is made by examining you, and then usually the diagnosis is confirmed with a nerve conduction study.

There are many treatments available for carpal tunnel syndrome. If your condition is mild, then non-surgical treatment may be best. If your condition is severe, then a surgical approach is likely best. I would explore the options with you at your appointment and formulate a plan of care with you.

If surgery is needed, then I prefer to release the carpal tunnel endoscopically. I have been doing this for many years and have found it to be a superior form of treatment. There is a quicker recovery and much less pain post-operatively. There are risks, of course, with any surgery, but in my hands the risk is low and patients do really well.

Below is a visual overview of endoscopic release surgery for carpal tunnel.