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If you have been suffering with any variety of hand & wrist pain including carpal tunnel, trigger finger, arthritis, and others, we want to help you heal. Dr. Young is a surgeon specializing in hand & wrist pain treatment for those suffering with painful ailments like carpal tunnel, trigger finger, Dupuytrens, and arthritis. His commitment to excellence in hand & wrist care goes beyond surgical treatment options.

At Dr. Young Hand Surgery & Care Center, we consider your needs and listen to your concerns. It is our mission to find treatment solutions that are effective for your symptoms. Hand therapy & hand surgery sometimes go together, but alternatives to surgery are always considered. Holistic care is the core tenet of our philosophy. We know that your injury, pain, stiffness, numbness or deformity can be treated, and it is our desire to help you heal.

You can trust your hands & wrists to Dr. Young. As a leading wrist pain surgeon, Dr. Young’s experience and history as a hand care expert can help you rest assured that you are getting the treatment you need. Whether you are preparing for carpal tunnel surgery or dealing with seemingly simple hand pain, or trigger finger Dr. Young will address your issues and concerns in a way that emphasizes the healing process and focuses on your best interests. If you have been struggling with hand or wrist pain, or are worried about carpal tunnel, arthritis, trigger finger or other hand & wrist issues, contact us at 808-495-5230 during our office hours of 9:00am – 5:00pm, Monday through Friday or fill out our online contact form and we will respond to you soon.